Cam’ron’s Welcome Back Coverstory on XXL

February 3, 2009 0


3250639001_dc61ae8828_o Cam’ron’s Welcome Back Coverstory on XXL

Right on the heels of last month’s Jim Jones and Juelz Santana coverstory on XXL…..Cam talks to the homie Vanessa Satten in the April issue due out in a few weeks. Here’s XXL’s preview:

The cover story features Cam finally speaking on his enigmatic hiatus, Diplomats ownership, being an alleged “paper gangster” and the root of his rifts with Jim Jones and Juelz Santana, among other things. While Dipset loyalists seemingly can’t get over Dipset being a Cam-less crew, Killa appears to have moved on. “…So I understand what the fans are saying,” Cam told XXL Executive Editor Vanessa Satten, who penned the cover story. “And it’s kinda messed up. But what you gotta realize is that things can always be fixed behind the scenes. But once a problem gets public, it’s kind of unfixable.”

Per Cam, Jones suggesting to cook up a publicity stunt and his feud with 50 Cent largely contributed to the crew’s internal feud being “unfixable.”

“The two things that you could say it was is: The come to my house and try to start a fake beef between me and [Jim],” Cam explained. “And the kinda like siding with 50 when me and him is in the dead middle of beefing or whatever.”


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