Na Di 17 year old Star (Joey Jihad new artist)

November 23, 2010 1

image000010 Na Di 17 year old Star (Joey Jihad new artist)  Born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Fanita Mitchell gave birth to Nidarah Jones on Thursday, October 21st, 1993. Originally birth in the Germantown section of Philadelphia, both later moved to Blumberg Projects which was said to be the worst section of North Philadelphia. Her father Marvin Jones (1961-) has been incarcerated on multiple felony charges since her birth and is still currently incarcerated doing time till this day. With her struggling single mother Fanita Mitchell, Nidarah continued to progress and achieve with high honors while attending “People for People middle school” despite living in one of the worst highly rated crime drug projects in Philadelphia. Nidarah later moved back to her original birthplace of Germantown were she attended “Simon Gratz High School” after her freshmen year she transferred to “Germantown High School”, were she has mobilized herself into the star she is today.

Nidarah offically knew that she could sing when she was at a friends sleep over where they put together a talent show and she performed a few industry songs for her friends.She instantly joined her elementary schools choir when the school year started over.A few years later she was put in multiple girl groups. Nidarah’s exposure to music was at first very limited. Being in groups never allowed her the chance to expose her true hidden talents. It was the summer of 2010 when Nidarah finally decided she would expand her dream and go completely solo.

Na Di – One Thing

Na Di – Fearless

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