iPhone band performs on NY Subway (Video)

October 16, 2010 0

This is not hip hop but the use of the iPhone to perform live on a train is something everyone needs to see.

New York band Atomic Tom had their instruments stolen, so they rocked out with their back-up instruments – their iPhones! Each member of the band used an app on their iPhone to play a different part (drums, guitar, bass, keyboard, vocals). They gave a great performance on the New York subway; passengers can be seen bobbing their heads and getting into the music. This is the kind of thing I would love to see in person!

Directed by Benjamin Espiritu. Produced by Atomic Tom and Benjamin Espiritu. Edited by Reid Carrescia. This video was filmed unannounced on Friday October 8, 2010 aboard the New York City B Train, over the Manhattan Bridge into Brooklyn and edited from 3 iPhone cameras. All footage is performed 100% live and executed in one take.

If you like the tune, it’s available here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-…

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