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November 11, 2011 0

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Not too often do I come across a rap artist who is separate from the typical, “sellings drugs and disrespecting women,” type of rapper.  Aquil, a Philadelphia native, thinks beyond the average everyday thoughts of many rappers today.  He is a lyrical genius and he incorporates his extensive educational background in his words which leaves his listeners in deep, analytical thought.  Interviewing Aquil left me in complete amazement because I was intrigued by the thought process involved in his songs.

Here is a part of the interview I did with Aquil…

BR: Why did you decide to be a part of the music industry?

Aquil:  I never had intentions on it.  Me and my friends played around with songs, recorded them and people liked what we did. Thats when it got serious

BR:  Ok, so why rap? What drew you towards rap music?

Aquil:  It was second nature to me.  I grew up listening to it.  My older brothers, cousins, aunts…etc played it.  I was surrounded by it

BR: What genre of music influenced you and why?

Aquil: Diffferent types influenced me. For example, Jazz, Blues, Rock and Foreign music because Hip Hop samples all of these.  I can become familiar with where the beat comes from.  It allows me to appreciate the original

BR: Thats very true, I never thought about it that way.

So I see you’re a Temple grad, what did you major in?

Aquil: Well, I have a Bachelors in African American Studies and Criminal Justice

BR: Very impressive!  Its great to know that you are so well rounded. That’s an amazing quality.  What made you change your plans in terms of shifting from being a scholar to a rapper?

Aquil: Im actually thinking about going back.  People tell me that Im a good artist.  That motivates me.  I enjoy it.  The process of putting songs together is an enjoyable experience

BR: Cool! Well, I am honored to have interviewed you.  I think that you have alot of potential and Im excited to see what’s next in your future

Aquil: Thanks, I appreciate it!

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