Good “Google-y” Moogley “via PrettyGurlB”

October 13, 2011 1

Ok so I thought I done seen it all but that clearly isn’t the case. While I was on the web dickin & clickin around I came across something that made me do a double take….

Apparently there is a new sex toy about to hit the scene and they have found a way to fuse the Internet with it. Googlher: The Google Sex Toy…yes Google has a freakin sex toy and although it isn’t available for purchase they give you deets on how to make your own so you can Do-It-Yourself :P. The Googlher is a web based Google powered vibrator, all you have to do is simply plug it into your USB port (the actual port, that wasn’t a dirty joke u perv) & anytime you use anything Google it vibrates. The Googlher is very similar to the bullet. (Ladies ya’ll know what a bullet is don’t front…ya’ll mess around and be on ya’ll 3rd bullet)

Again I can’t believe there’s a Google sex toy that’s beyond FREAKY. Not only will we overuse our computers watching porn…we now have to pray that they won’t crash before you get ya nut off SMH. Who’s willing to take that risk? 🙂

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