Is Bigger Better??? “via @PrettygurlB”

October 12, 2011 1

Today we are going to talk about whether or not size matters and if so to whom…ladies or guys. It’s very easy to think that all women want a man with a large penis….and some do….but most don’t. Why? Because yeah it’s nice to look at but when it’s GO time it you can’t even enjoy it because you’re in too much pain. You can’t be sexy and active in bed because you feel like his penis is about burst through the top of your head. As far as size mattering to guys…yeah a big d**k is a confidence booster but does it make you feel more of a man because your man business is husky?

It also depends on the person and what they like. Every person has a different sexual appetite and agenda.  Some feel that pain is pleasure while others just think pain is fuckin pain and they want NO PARTS of the monster cock.  As you all know (at least I would hope) vaginas come in different shapes and sizes just like penis so when it comes to
size everybody must pick their poison.

Now I’m not writing this to slam large penis because big d**k is a beautiful thing. It seems as though size matters more so to the men.  Some men feel like their huge cock
is god’s gift to women….and it could be…if they know how to use it right. As
cheesy as it sounds the saying “It’s not the size of the boat but the motion in the ocean” has some truth to it. A big d**k with no stroke game is like a shiny new car with no engine, pointless and will get you nowhere. My take on the whole bigger is better idea ——->
Different strokes for different folks 🙂

I took to my FaceBook page to get a lil feedback and this is what I got….

  • “;)….and that’s all I’m gonna say!”
  • “Age old question with the same results….size
    does matter.”
  • “No because in some cases I thought it
    was but who wants to be bent outta shape n if it’s too big you hardly can throw
    the shit back. When it’s a nice size you are comfortable and active….size doesn’t
    always matter.”
  • “Bigger is not better if you ain’t slangin
    it the right way…& if ya little ya tongue betta have some serious power.”
  • “Biggggggggggggggg”
  • “Just because you got a big d**k don’t mean you know how to f**k! The small was the best I ever had.”

What do you think? Is BIGGER better? Do ladies care about size? Are guys the ones it matters to the most? Dare to share any stories…you scared?!  🙂

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