49ers & Raiders share Stadium? via (@eldorado2452)

July 22, 2011 0

raiders-49ers 49ers & Raiders share Stadium? via (@eldorado2452)

Two of the NFL’s most beloved teams could be joining forces. No there won’t be franchises merging to form one big super team but like the New York Jets and Giants they would share a venue to host home games.

The San Francisco 49ers and the Oakland have considered to share facilities. Both the Raiders and 49ers play in the oldest to stadiums in the NFL. Candlestick Park and McAffee Colliseum.

Location is the biggest issue with this possible move. The 49ers have pursued construction in Santa Clara about 45 miles south of San Francisco and Oakland. The option to stay in San Fran is another possibility to sharing a venue.  NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has encouraged both teams to evaluate the options because of the Success in the New Meadowlands.

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