Randy Moss unretired? Eagles offer Moss deal via (@eldorado2452)(@GetLiftedMedia)

August 3, 2011 0

Randy-Moss Randy Moss unretired? Eagles offer Moss deal via (@eldorado2452)(@GetLiftedMedia)








Monday afternoon Randy Moss shocked the sporting world by announcing his retirement and walking away from the game, but is he really done?

Randy Moss is unquestionably one of the greatest Wide Receivers to tie his laces & button a chin strap and all that’s missing from his resume is a Super Bowl ring. The Philadelphia Eagles have made a offer to the “Freak” receiver Monday night after Moss filed his retirement papers with the NFL. If and in my eyes when Moss “unretires” the Eagles will be waiting.

Is there a better fix then this “Dream Team” stacked with NFL superstars and pro-bowlers then the Eagles stable organization. Imagine  a offense that has Micheal Vick, Ronnie Brown, Desean Jackson and Randy Moss on the field at one time. Scary is a under statement.

I think Moss is reviewing the Eagles offer and as the start of the 2011 season approaches we may have to bring the 84 jerseys back out. The Moss watch begins now.

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