Fall Fashion: Stylish Ear Cuffs

November 2, 2012 1

hh87 Fall Fashion: Stylish Ear Cuffs

This Fall season you can create a your own fashion statement with stylish ear cuffs. Although ear cuffs have been in style for while now they’re definitely one of the  hottest trends this Fall! Even if you don’t have pierced ears you can keep up with this trend! Ear cuffs are slowly replacing studs and hoop earrings. For all those who don’t have pierced ears you’re definitely in luck with this haute trend!

Trendy cuffs with diamonds, pearls, spikes, and chains are sure to bring attention to your ensemble! There are all different types of style to choose from to fit any mood you’re in. If you have short hair or have your hair up in a cute messy bun and going for a bold eye-popping look, you can wear an embellished piece that covers the entire ear. Now for a more subtle look you can put on a simple yet cute ear cuff that has a diamond or charm accent.

They’ve been seen on the runways being worn by models and have also been seen on some celebrities in magazines and on the red carpet. We all know that usually what ever the celebs are wearing, everyone is sure to follow and wear the same thing! You can shop for some amazing, simple, and bold ear cuffs on most online stores. If you aren’t sure where you can find them on a couple of sites listed below!




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