#MillionaireMondays @FlashAmorosos – Young Playas – Ft. @WestPhilClout & @HRGrit (Prod by @MalMagik)

July 9, 2012 0

flash-amorosos-young-playas-ft-clout-grit-prod-by-mal-magik-HHS1987-2012-1024x1024 #MillionaireMondays @FlashAmorosos - Young Playas - Ft. @WestPhilClout & @HRGrit (Prod by @MalMagik)

This weeks #MillionaireMondays is a classic pass the mic type of record that DUMPS!!!!!! “Young Playas by Flash Amorosos (@FlashAmorosos), Clout (@WestPhilClout), and Grit (@HrGrit, of Hustler Records) is lyrically destroyed by these guys. They didnt come off on this trying to over rap each other, they all came on here smooth, but aggressive, and did it with great taste and class. Is it me, or have these #MillionaireMondays records been amazing so far. Turn this one up, and let it dump. Young Playas.

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ALSO, be sure to check out the first single, “Pony Tail“, from the soon to be released album by Flash Amorosos titled Billion Dollar Feelings (Click the Link below)

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