Jae Millz (@JAE_MILLZ) – Hearing Voices (Pusha T Diss)

July 20, 2012 0

jae-millz-hearing-voices-pusha-t-diss-HHS1987-2012 Jae Millz (@JAE_MILLZ) - Hearing Voices (Pusha T Diss)

Jae Millz is back and what better way to make a buzz then to diss Pusha T on a track. Smart move from Lil Wayne, don’t diss Pusha, you got soldiers for that. Jae Millz spit some solid bars on this “Hearing Voices” record dissing Pusha T.

cut the bullshit you came from a great home, and in your city that is well known …

Shame on me on yet to have an album in a wrapper/But nigga shame on you for every album getting wacker

and when you see me nigga please don’t speak, just be about all that shit that you rap pin bout, be a man of your word nigga carry it out, fuck ya raps fuck ya rep and FUCK YOU! be the one to expose your life … I WOULD LOVE TO

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