Checkout The 2012 NBA Slam Dunk Contestant Introductions (via @BrandonOnSports)

February 22, 2012 1
jeremyevans1 Checkout The 2012 NBA Slam Dunk Contestant Introductions (via @BrandonOnSports)

Jeremy Evans was a late addition today, due to Iman Shumpert pulling out because of injury.

Well I do sportsradio and listen to sports radio plenty, and I hear a lot of hosts bitching about how dead the dunk contest is and who are the participants. So I’ve decided to fill you in on each guy and show a little video of what they can do. I mean, I actually watch these games and know players, unlike the mainstream guys who have no clue what they are talking about.

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Chase Budinger F/G Rockets 6’7

Chase is a world class athlete who was a Olympic beach volleyball player during his high school years. He first caught my attention during the Dunk Contest at the McDonald’s High School All-American game 2006, in which he was the runner up. Most would think since he’s a white guy and a dead eye shooter that he can’t jump or dunk, but please believe it! Chase has some bounce off of two feet.


Jeremy Evans PF/SF Jazz 6’9′

Evans is a late replacement for the injured Iman Shumpert. I know for sure I might be the only person who actually knows who this kid is lmao!!!! He was a 2nd round pick by Utah in the 2010 draft and about 85% of his points come off of lob dunks or layups. Hopefully he will have some good dunks up his sleeve


Paul George SF/SG Pacers 6’8

Paul George might be more known as a shooter at this stage in his career, but he too is an athletic, long guy with the capability to pull off some great dunks in game. Most people don’t watch the Pacers play on a daily basis and didn’t see him play at Fresno State, so they have no idea what he is capable of.


Derrick Williams PF/SF 6’9′

We all seen Williams throw down dunks at will last season as a sophomore at Arizona, so I look for an impressive showing from him.  Expect a lot of power in whatever dunk he attempts. He is an explosive, big man.



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