S.K. – The Jab (Official Trailer) (Prod. Wes Manchild x Dir By Marcus X)

March 21, 2013 0

All trainers and GREAT boxers (Ali, Big George, Oscar, Sugar Ray Robinson, Sugar Ray Leonard, etc.) know that the jab is thee most important underutilized tool in boxing. A good combination has three elements: hook, jab, uppercut.

In hip-hop, a song has three elements: The chorus (hook), the verse (jab) and the bridge (uppercut). Hip-hop artist S.K. has been in the gym (studio) cooking up combinations for some time now and with the trailer above as the introduction to his new weekly series #TakeoverThursdays , he’s ready to throw some knockouts to the competition… and he still has #NoSympathy

The jab is a beautiful thing …appreciate it.

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