Sisqo & Kyle From Jagged Edge Fight Backstage At A Concert

September 3, 2014 0

Well, more like wrestling. Backstage at the KBLX’s Hot Summer Night concert that Dru Hill & Jagged Edge were set to perform at, Sisqo & Kyle from Jagged Edge got into what I guess you could call a “fight”. Kyle told The Breakfast Club earlier this year that the two weren’t cool because Jagged Edge walked pass Sisqo while he was getting off of an elevator and he didn’t speak to them. Sisqo claimed that he was half-sleep so Kyle fired back “stay sleep then bitch”. Since then, it’s been beef.

After watching the short clip of the tussle, it looks like Sisqo was the one doing all of the charging & Kyle was trying to get him away from him. The person that uploaded the video to IG said that two shook hand after the situation so it clearly wasn’t too serious. The IG caption goes as follows:

Sisqo & Kyle from Jagged Edge caught the rare FADE backstage at Concord Pavilion yesterday & being the boxing promoter that he is @mobetta_mochedda caught it all on tape !!! #SomethingInTheBayWater #TheyShookHandsLikeMenAfter


R&B beef.. now that’s funny.

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