Townsquare Media Buys Out XXL & Cancels Print Version Of The Magazine

September 22, 2014 0

ByKZrPDCYAAcLAd.jpg-large-500x191 Townsquare Media Buys Out XXL & Cancels Print Version Of The Magazine


This is super official news. After 17 years of contributing in shaping the hip-hop culture via magazine and only 3 years shy of joining the dub club in the game, XXL has announced that the next print edition will be the last. Townsquare Media has bought out the magazine and plans to shift it from print-text to digital-text. Just about everyone found out about this news from their twitter feed. Townsquare Media’s Chief Content Officer, Bill Wilson, spoke with the NY Post on the matter:

“We think XXL has strong potential in both the digital and live events market.”

“We incubated something digitally, but the Townsquare people can take it to the next level with their digital expertise. I don’t think it is a cost-cutting thing. I think it is an opportunity for Townsquare to do more with [the franchise].”

XXL isnt the only magazine that’s being taken off of the shelves. Vibe magazine decided to cancel their print version of the magazine as well.

The final print version of XXL magazine will be the October/November edition & should be out there in stores soon. Childish Gambino was right. It really is because of the internet. Comment below with your thoughts and feelings on XXL taking their magazine out of the stores & on to your computer screen.

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