Love & Hip Hop Season 4 Episode 9 (Full Video)

January 7, 2014 0

love-hip-hop-season-4-episode-9-full-video-HHS1987-2014-1 Love & Hip Hop Season 4 Episode 9 (Full Video)

In order to jump back into her acting career, Tara auditions for Yandy’s new film project. When Cyn learns that Erica kissed Rich, Erica’s situation gets even messier…especially when Rich and Cyn get into an ugly argument. Since working on their relationship, Saigon tells Erica Jean that he wants them to move in together. After some time apart, Peter Gunz plans a romantic surprise to express his love for Amina and hopefully win her back. Joe talks to his father about taking the next step in his relationship with Tahiry and asking her to marry him. When Rich stops by Erica’s rehearsal, she confronts him about what happened in the studio. The conversation becomes heated and ends with Rich telling Erica, “You don’t run s***t!”.

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