Ashanti Touches On G-Unit/Murda Inc. Beef In An Interview With DJ Vlad (Video)

January 17, 2015 0

DJ Vlad got up with Ashanti for a brief interview recently. Ashanti hasn’t been making too much noise as far as music is concerned, but they still found some great topics to cover. The discussion made its way towards one of hip-hop’s most potent beefs ever, that being between Murda Inc. & G-Unit. Being that Ashanti was Murda Inc.’s first lady, she was inevitably engulfed into all the made that took place during that time.

She believes that her & Ja Rule never stopped making quality music, but being that 50 Cent’s platform persuaded the people, the people sided with him. They also touched on how BET had not so coincidentally scheduled both camps to appear on an episode of 106 & Park before, making it super hard for her to avoid anyone from that side. While trying so hard to avoid them, she ended up running into 50 Cent back stage, but nothing popped off, thankfully. She later said that they ran into each other yet again at a conference in LA where 50 Cent told her attorney to let her know that he respects her, her music, & the animosity between he & Ja Rule didn’t concern her at all.

For whatever reason, Nelly had 50 Cent publicly apologize to Ashanti at a ’05, ’06, or ’07 (she couldn’t quite remember) VMA award show… I guess that was the end of any thoughts of turmoil on that day. HHS1987 doesn’t see 50 Cent ever apologizing to anyone for anything though… Haha!

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