Kevin Durant Could Join Steph Curry & The Warriors During The 2016 NBA Free Agency Period

February 2, 2016 0

CaPqngNW0AAcf3v-500x317 Kevin Durant Could Join Steph Curry & The Warriors During The 2016 NBA Free Agency Period

The 2015-16 NBA season is heating up but many basketball lovers are already setting their attention to the summer of 2016 and free agent Kevin Durant.

Their have been several reports that if Kevin Durant doesn’t return to the Oklahoma City Thunder, he could join his hometown Washington Wizards or possible the Los Angeles Lakers. Well, things may be changing. Today, reports have surfaced that the Golden State Warriors could be frontrunner to land Kevin Durant over the Summer. Could you imagine that? A starting five of Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, Kevin Durant and Andrew Bogut!

According to Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski,

The Golden State Warriors’ plan of pursuit predates their 2015 championship run, a bold plot to declare the futility of resistance. It isn’t only that the NBA champions are determined to recruit Oklahoma City’s Kevin Durant. The truth is that they’re the most intriguing destination to him. If Durant leaves the Thunder, the Warriors are the significant frontrunners to sign him, league sources told The Vertical.

The Warriors already have everything and yet they’re threatening to take more now. Steph Curry. Klay ThompsonDraymond Green. Committed ownership. Bob Myers, the executive of the year. Steve Kerr, a championship coach. Yes, Golden State has everything, including the ability to create the salary-cap space and a belief that Durant’s persona could fit seamlessly – even onto a potential two-time defending champion.

Make no mistake: Durant isn’t close to gone in Oklahoma City – no decision, no leaning, sources said – but the real threats on the summer market are beginning to reveal themselves. Durant is determined to win – to be an immediate championship contender at 27 years old – and that keeps bringing him back to the Warriors should he make the decision to leave Oklahoma City.

Outside of a Thunder championship closing down the process before July 1, there’s a strong expectation that Durant will hit the road, tour campuses and become a recruit again.

The big free agents, they’re forever living one of two things in the months leading into summer: searching for reasons to stay, or searching for reasons to leave. Durant has always been looking for reasons to stay. He adores the Oklahoma City community and holds a fondness for the franchise, but Durant is chasing championships, chasing a legacy.

This limits his choices, leaving the Los Angeles Lakers with little, if any, chance.

The Warriors will never speak of Durant’s name on the record – that’s league tampering, of course – but they know of whom you’re referring when you ask about the Warriors’ appeal to a superstar free agent. Even now, Durant represents something of the Warriors’ private bravado.

Could Durant really end up in the Bay Area? I guess anything is possible but we shall have to wait and see. Stay tuned to HHS1987 for all your sports news.

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