LUD FOE – #GetWellFoe (Project Stream)

March 24, 2017 0

Getwell-1-500x500 LUD FOE - #GetWellFoe (Project Stream)

After a truck nearly finishing Lud Foe life in a severe accident, Lud Foe wants to make it clear that absolutely nothing will stop him. The rugged up coming star out of Chicago has spread globally, with millions of views on everything and kids starting to dress like Lud Foe, it is clear he is here for some time. Lud Foe decides to let go of #GetWellFoe as he throws the finishing touches on his highly anticipated project series ‘No Hooks’. With records out with PNB Rock, Lil Durk and many more, the industry has grown a love and appreciation towards the young leader.

Listen below.

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