Eric Bellinger – B For President: Term 1 (Acoustic) (Project Stream)

January 21, 2017 0

Screen-Shot-2017-01-21-at-3.14.33-PM-497x500 Eric Bellinger - B For President: Term 1 (Acoustic) (Project Stream)

Compton-born singer/songwriter Eric Bellinger creates compositions that stand on their own. Released in September 2016, Eric B For President: Term 1 was a potent fusion of Hip-Hop and R&B, packed with sensual bedroom jams and trap bangers. On EBFP: An Acoustic Experience, Eric Bellinger strips down those songs to their bare essence, with only voice and acoustic guitar, to reveal the well-crafted melodies and clever lyrics beneath the production bells and whistles of the first project. EBFP: An Acoustic Experience is a tremendous vocal showcase for Eric, spotlighting his flawless tenor and intricate self-harmonies.

While Eric B For President: Term 1 was put forth around election season, EBFP: An Acoustic Experience is another bold statement from Eric Bellinger as it’s releasing the same day as the Presidential Inauguration.

“I know our country is in a crazy place right now with the recent election of Donald Trump. I’m doing my best to give an an alternative outlook on things through my music,” Eric explains. “Trying to stay as positive as possible, distracting the culture from the mockery of events that have been taking place… no different than what our government does when they draw attention to things in the media to distract us.”

Listen below for his latest.

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