HHS1987’s Terrell Thomas’ 2017 NFL Week 2 (Predictions & Fantasy Sleepers)

September 17, 2017 0

week-2-500x279 HHS1987’s Terrell Thomas’ 2017 NFL Week 2 (Predictions & Fantasy Sleepers)

Week 2 of the 2017 NFL Season is upon us and there are a few great games set to kickoff on Sunday. This Week, We will get to see the first 2017 NFL action for the Miami Dolphins and Tampa Bay Bucs. That means we will see DeSean Jackson in a Bucs uniform and Jay Cutler in a Dolphins uniform for the first time in the regular season. Before you sit down and gear up for Week 2 NFL and Fantasy Football action, checkout My Predictions and Fantasy Sleepers.

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NFL WEEK 2 (Predictions & Fantasy Sleepers)

Browns 23 vs. Ravens 21 (Fantasy Sleeper: DeShone Kizer, QB Browns) 
Bears 17 vs. Bucs 27 (Fantasy Sleeper: Jameis Winston, QB Bucs) 
Vikings 20 vs. Steelers 18 (Fantasy Sleeper: Dalvin Cook, RB Vikings) 
Patriots 35 vs. Saints 27 (Fantasy Sleeper: Brandin Cooks, WR Patriots) 
Eagles 24 vs. Chiefs 21 (Fantasy Sleeper: Kareem Hunt, RB Chiefs) 
Titans 33 vs. Jags 24 (Fantasy Sleeper: DeMarco Murray, RB Titans) 
Cardinals 40 vs. Colts 21 (Fantasy Sleeper: Larry Fitzgerald, WR Cardinals) 
Bills 20 vs. Panthers 28 (Fantasy Sleeper: Cam Newton, QB Panthers) 
Jets 13 vs. Raiders 27 (Fantasy Sleeper: Marshawn Lynch, RB Raiders) 
Dolphins 24 vs. Chargers 23 (Fantasy Sleeper: Jay Cutler, QB Dolphins) 
49ers 13 vs. Seahawks 28 (Fantasy Sleeper: Russell Wilson, QB Seahawks) 
Washington 13 vs. Rams 33 (Fantasy Sleeper: Jared Goff, QB Rams)
Cowboys 17 vs. Broncos 24 (Fantasy Sleeper: C.J Anderson, RB Broncos)
SNF: Packers 27 vs. Falcons 38 (Fantasy Sleeper: Julio Jones, WR Falcons)
MNF: Giants 17 vs. Lions 35 (Fantasy Sleeper: Kenny Golladay, WR Lions)

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