Win Or Go Home: HHS1987’s Terrell Thomas’ 2017 NFL Week 17 (Predictions)

December 31, 2017 0

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How quickly time flies. It seems that the 2017 NFL was just kicking off last week and Today we’re already at the final week of the regular season. 12 teams will begin their journey next week destine for Super Bowl 52 in Minnesota but a few will need to win today to stamp their tickets to the postseason.

We’ll get a chance to see some good football today as teams look to make their final push. In the NFC, the Atlanta Falcons and Seattle Seahawks are hanging on to their hopes that wins today will keep their season alive. In the AFC, the Los Angeles Chargers, Buffalo Bills and Tennessee Titans are on all on similar missions. Win and hope the dominos fall in order to make the postseason.

As We gear up for the New Year on Monday, checkout My 2017 NFL Week 17 predictions. Stay tuned to HHS1987. Follow @eldorado2452 on Twitter and Instagram for all your sports news.

NFL Week 17 Predictions

Panthers 20 vs. Falcons 23

Bengals 24 vs. Ravens 27

Jaguars 17 vs. Titans 24

Saints 30 vs. Buccaneers 17

Browns 24 vs. Steelers 21

Packers 19 vs. Lions 23

Texans 10 vs. Colts 13

Bills 27 vs. Dolphins 28

Bears 20 vs. Vikings 22

Jets 23 vs. Patriots 21

Washington 17 vs. Giants 27

Cowboys 17 vs. Eagles 24

Raiders 20 vs. Chargers 24

Chiefs 17 vs. Broncos 14

49ers 20 vs. Rams 16

Cardinals 26 vs. Seahawks 31

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