Lightshow – Sleep When I Die (EP Stream)

September 1, 2018 0

As one of Hip-Hop’s most promising acts, Lightshow is poised to take over the game with Sleep When I Die. The D.C. native brings a passionate, raw, and real perspective on his latest release, which boasts eight tracks showcasing his breadth of talent.


From wall-shaking bangers (“Do a Dance”) to introspective burners (“Keep it Tucked”), the EP packs this burgeoning artist’s gifts into a quick-hitting listen bursting with replay value. And a big reason for that is Lightshow’s positive outlook on life despite the bullsh*t and pain he’s dealt with during his time on Earth. It’s at the center of two standouts, “Hunnits” and “Keep it Tucked,” which couldn’t be more different stylistically, yet maintain the same message: do you and be proud of it.


Lightshow actually drives those words home on the fantastic closing track, “In Real Life,” when he raps: “I tell myself keep doin’ you and it’s gon’ come your way/ And don’t trip up on none of that pressure that’s gon’ come your way.” It’s that same idea that shaped the EP’s title, Sleep When I Die.


“I thought about how long the earth has been here and how short life is, and I just wanted to do something that could take my quality of life to another level,” Lightshow says of the title. “I want to be an example of what life can be like if you don’t settle,” he adds.


He is leading by example through doing much more than just releasing consistently dope music, too, as he is actually the CEO of his own label, 86 America Music. It’s an exciting time not just for Lightshow but fans of his as well, because the sky is truly the limit for someone this talented, wise, and motivated.


Sleep When I Die EP is available now through all major digital retailers and streaming platforms, via 86 America Music.

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