Michael Caseau Becomes YOUNG ‘N GRATEFUL, The Producer Turned Record Label Now Holds 11 Billboard No. 1’s For Eminem’s Revival

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young-grateful-333x500 Michael Caseau Becomes YOUNG ‘N GRATEFUL, The Producer Turned Record Label Now Holds 11 Billboard No. 1’s For Eminem's Revival

Creating a small storm and dynasty in the independent music scene with notable releases from Phresher and Riff Raff. The New York City based Founder and President, Michael Caseau is now producing as the record label. Functioning additionally as the label’s Creative Director, whereas Michael is responsible for marketing and branding everything the label puts out. This includes merchandise, album artwork, video, touring campaign’s and live show production. Through his scope, Michael and his collective aided many underground and mainstream artist’s in their success. Dating back commercially to Macklemore and “Thrift Shop.”

As of the 2018 year, Caseau and YNG sold over 4.5 Million Records, worldwide. Cumulatively from various management details, executive work and Eminem’s Revival, totaling 20 charts on Billboard, which has 5 Billboard number one’s outside of America alone. Caseau states this does not include Non-Disclosure work provided years past. However, when asked to comment, he states, “I’ve contributed to diamond selling records and legally I’m unable to really claim those achievements. I was young at the time and hungry to prove to myself what I do can actually make a difference. Now, I certainly believe it is.”

Due to the massive underground success of Phesher’s “Wait A Minute,” the producer and label amassed over 18 million views on YouTube for the then unknown Brooklyn Rapper. As per RIAA, the conversion of sales would be 120,000 units sold for the music video, this doesn’t include other on demand streaming platforms. Following a string of notable features from Remy Ma, Cardi B and 50 Cent—in just twenty months, the collective brought the newcomer to Eminem’s album as the only hip-hop feature.

The Young ‘N Grateful Group, often stylized as “YOUNG ‘N GRATEFUL” hold close ties to Spotify and YouTube execs. The grateful collective thrives as a team through a variety of in-house personnel that include producer’s, industry insiders, partners and managerial figures. Michael states, “We no longer ‘take clients,’ we are so boutique and methodical regarding who we choose to brand with, that I almost feel like I win the lottery when I find an artist I really respect and want to co-brand with. Building a brand that’s respected is a very delicate process and requires in-depth foresight. Also, cutting ties with poor business early is a very strong decisional making ability one must have to do this business.”

After retiring several music brands and maintaining the Grateful name along with Legacy Publishing—Caseau has garnered new relationships. Anticipating plans to raise private equity for his brand, as Michael states, “Hopefully 2 Million in Q4, 2018.” Along with current ventures, the Limited Liability Corporation plans on endeavoring merging markets in the finance sector: creating an all online bank, a finance company and small venture capital firm that will specialize in real-estate development and technology.

Currently the brand maintains their partner’s, Empire and Universal Music Group as their independent distributor for online retailers and royalty aggregation. According to Michael, he’s had his sites on aligning with Republic Records and hopes he can make a partnership come to fruition. As Michael states, “Phresher and Riff still distribute under Empire and that’s all great, but I want to find myself as an artist now and make amazing music, merchandise and tour experiences that will help me share with the fans. I was extremely vigilant in creating my own brand and identity, I want to see the success of my work go further.”

As per Billboard Biz, the label has a total of 20 chart positions, with 11 peaking at number one. Dating back to January 3, 2018, the respective number one positions were held on the Billboard Top 200, Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums, Top Current Albums, Top Rap Albums, Rap Album sales, Digital Albums, Tastemakers, Billboard Artist 100; and internationally on Billboard Canadian Albums, Australian Albums and The Official U.K. Albums Chart, along with Germany Albums peaking at No. 2; and finally Peaking No. 7 on the Italy Albums chart. Adding to the laundry list of charts, on January 6, 2018, Revival peaked at No. 3 for the Internet Albums chart.

Chloraseptic peaked at No. 89 on the Billboard Canadian Hot 100 and peaking at No. 8 on the Bubbling Under R&B/Hip-Hip Songs – with both records holding the chart for 2 weeks.

On January 20, 2018, the solo hip-hop featured track “Chloraseptic” further peaked at No. 22 for Hot R&B/Hip-Hop songs, holding chart for 2 weeks. Also peaking at No. 19 for Rap Digital Song Sales and peaking No. 22 for R&B/Hip-Hop Digital Song Sales, and both holding chart for 1 week. In addition, peaking at No. 18 on the Bubbling Under Hot 100 for the week of January 27, 2018.

The chart list as follows:

*Billboard Top 200: Peak (1) – (01/03/2018)
*Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums: Peak (1) – (01/03/2018)
*Top Current Albums: Peak (1) – (01/03/2018)
*Top Rap Albums: Peak (1) – (01/03/2018)
*Rap Album sales: Peak (1) – (01/03/2018)
*Digital Albums: Peak (1) – (01/03/2018)
*Tastemakers: Peak (1) – (01/03/2018)
*Billboard Artist 100: Peak (1) – (01/03/2018)
Internet Albums: Peak (3) – (01/06/2018)


*The Official U.K. Albums Chart: Peak (1) – (01/03/2018)
*Billboard Canadian Albums: Peak (1) – (01/03/2018)
*Australian Albums: Peak (1) – (1/03/2018)
Germany Albums: Peak (2) – (01/03/2018)
Italy Albums: Peak (7) – (01/03/2018)

Chloraseptic (featuring Phresher)

Billboard Canadian Hot 100: Peak (89) – (01/03/2018)
Hot R&B/Hip-Hop songs: Peak (22) – (01/20/2018)
Rap Digital Song Sales: Peak (19) – (01/20/2018)
R&B/Hip-Hop Digital Song Sales: Peak (22) – (01/20/2018)
Bubbling Under R&B/Hip-Hip Songs: Peak (18) -(01/03/2018)
Bubbling Under Hot 100: Peak (18) – (01/27/2018

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