Rite Hook – Eastern Standard In-Studio Performance (Video)

April 25, 2018 0

Leedz Edutainment’s highly anticipated compilation project, Eastern Standard, is almost here and to celebrate, one of their most talented and featured artists, Rite Hook, delivers an impressive and gripping verse as part of a recent in-studio performance.


The proud Beantown artist flexes his rhyming talents by rattling off quotables for nearly two minutes straight, including some well-aimed shots at his enemies and acknowledgement of his troubled past. Hook may be known to some as one of underground Hip-Hop’s stronger vocal and songwriting talents, but he’s showing here that he can absolutely spit with the best of ‘em.


You’ll find him gracing three of the cuts on Eastern Standard, a feature-packed project boasting 21 total tracks, along with an immense lineup of talent that includes and stretches beyond Leedz’ New England roots, such as Slaine, Michael Christmas, Blacastan, Chris Orrick (f/k/a Red Pill), Chris Rivers, Mega Ran, Spose, Natti and Deacon The Villain (of CunninLynguists), YGTUT, and many more!


You can get ready for the project’s impending release by checking out the visuals for Rite Hook’s in-studio performance. Eastern Standard is due out May 18 and will be available through all major digital retailers and streaming platforms, courtesy of Leedz Edutainment!


Eastern Standard Tracklist: 

01. The East Coast (feat. Mega Ran)

02. The Motions (feat. Rite Hook & Chris Rivers)

03. Where The Wild Things Are (feat. STL GLD, Ransom & Blank Face)

04. Source Of Power (feat. Slaine)

05. Buy My $h!T (feat. Spose)

06. Never Lived It (feat. Cam Meekins, Sap & Michael Christmas)

07. Pharaoh Gold (feat. Tut, Deacon The Villain & Natti of CunninLyguists)

08. The Good & The Bad (feat. Chris Orrick)

09. On The Run (feat. B.Dolan & Rite Hook)

10. Izzy Dead (feat. Copywrite)

11. Mechanical Movement (feat. Blacastan & Marvalyss)

12. Enjoy The Movie (feat. Rite Hook & K.A.A.N)

13. Scream (feat. Jarv)

14. Set the Bar (feat. Tef Wesley)

15. I Want It All (feat. Awon & Dephlow)

16. Glass Case (feat. JSwiss & Jared Evan)

17. Say The Word (feat. Dan Johns & The HunchPunch Champ)

18. EveryThing Y’all Owe Us (feat. Mr Solid 150 & Stu Lee)

19. King Of The Worst (feat. Dinosaur Burps)

20. Seem So Hard (feat. Granite State)

21. H.E.R. (Love Me Not) (feat. Rel)

*All Tracks produced by The Arcitype, except tracks 4 and 18, produced by Teddy Roxpin. Track 13 produced by Teddy Roxpin & The Arcitype. 

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