Joey Vantes – Legends Never Die 2 (Stream)

August 24, 2019 0

There’s a song on Legends Never Die 2 for every situation. It’s a playlist EP for the various moods you’re in.”Joey Vantes on his new EP, Legends Never Die 2


With Legends Never Die 2, West coast native Joey Vantes continues his hot streak of making thoughtful bangers defined by some of the most important things in his life: connection, independence, and God. The eight tracks on this project boast system-thumping production and heartfelt lyricism filled with pain, failure, success, and love for life.


Joey is a voice for anyone who listens, and he’s not interested in being labeled. “I’m here to love everybody, and be a connection for them to God through my story,” he explains, adding that he’s open to everyone. “I think anyone who hears my music and either has been or is going through the same path can identify with the message.”


That message is driven home through Joey’s sharp songwriting and affecting vocals, which he uses to convey a variety of emotions on LND2. On lead single “What It Feels Like,” for example, he masterfully chronicles heartbreak, but then on “Nike (feat. Parris Chariz)” he delivers an all-out banger for the sneakerheads. And then there are proud independent anthems like “Nah (feat. nobigdyl.)” and “Lil Torch (feat. Jon Keith)” that bring even more depth to the EP.


With LND2, Joey proves why he’s becoming one of the most talked-about names in indie rap, regardless of which subgenre you may want to put him in. His talents can’t be neatly placed into anyone’s box, and that’s exactly how he wants it. Legends Never Die 2 is available now through all major digital retailers and streaming platforms through Vantes’s own label, Signature Sound.


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