SeeFour & Jouls Juliano – Red Line (EP)

July 15, 2019 0

With their new collaborative EP Red Line, the young Boston area duo of SeeFour & Jouls Juliano bring a level of talent, versatility, and depth that undeniably proves that the future is in very good hands.


“When people ask my style of music I say it’s ‘versatile’—I never wanna be boxed in on a musical aspect at all,” says SeeFour, a 17-year-old rapper/singer who hails from the city of Brockton. To say he stays true to his word would be a massive understatement. The five tracks on the EP shift tonally and musically, though they’re absolutely rooted in hip-hop.


Take “Wave Ride,” for example. It’s a pure summer rap anthem through and through, and yet it fits right in with the more personal, conscious-rap cuts “Pedals” and “Not The Same.” These tracks also sound at home alongside standout single “Rich Forever,” which is a booming, menacing banger. This is in part because of SeeFour’s inherent charisma and skills on the mic, but also because SeeFour complements his collaborator Jouls so organically.


“The way we worked in studio was so natural,” Jouls explains, adding that he was compelled to work with SeeFour after seeing him perform. “I played a beat, he wrote and then we recorded—just like that. I knew we had to continue working, so we did and now we have ‘Red Line’.”


That “natural” feeling they shared when collaborating is palpable as soon as “Rich Forever” opens the EP, and it never wavers. And it’s easy to understand when you break it down. Pair SeeFour’s youthful energy and God-given talent with Jouls’s gifts behind the boards (he previously worked with Michael Christmas, REKS, and Slaine), and you have one of the year’s most exciting releases yet, regardless of genre. Red Line is available now through all major digital retailers and streaming platforms through 100-J Music.

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