Baltimore’s Bandhunta Izzy Drops “That’s Pretty Gangsta”

November 6, 2019 0

5db773595c43b_tpg-cover-1571943997_5db77359848b3 Baltimore's Bandhunta Izzy Drops "That's Pretty Gangsta"


Riding the viral popularity of his homage to 50 Cent’s infamous 1999 cut “How to Rob,” (3.8M YT), Baltimore’s Bandhunta Izzy released his latest project That’s Pretty Gangsta !



Positioning his new EP as a warm-up for a bigger release coming this winter, Izzy shies away from having a lot of guest features, choosing only to work with YFN Lucci for the most melodic song on the 9-song project, the ladies-first anthem, “Have It All.” The 22-year-old rapper pulls inspiration from his drill heavy bangers while grabbing the attention through his hybrid street style and clever punchlines.



“The title is a play on words because females see me and think, ‘Damn, that’s a pretty gangster’ and dudes look at my life and the way I move and think, ‘Damn, that’s gangster.” There’s always been a quality to my life because of the way I look. Once people get to know me, I’ll often hear, ‘I thought you were going to be stuck up but you’re sociable just like everyone else.’ People don’t know that I can be really silly and goofy. The cover art reflects the title and ties in my song “How To Rob” by showing a mugshot of me getting locked up for robbing everyone I mention in the song.”

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