Best Beginner Violins for Starters

October 23, 2019 0

As a beginner in the field of violin, it can be tough to choose which brand of violin to invest in. Fortunately, today’s marketing scheme provides everyone a good overview of the pros and cons of several violin brands. Here are some of the best beginner violins for starters:

  1. Stentor 1400 – One of the most recommended violins for kids and starters, a purchase already includes a case and bow. Although its quality of sound differs from the expensive ones, it’s a good starting point for those who don’t have experience in playing the violin.
  2. Fiddlerman OB1 – Ideal for beginners on a budget, the Fiddlerman OB1 has ebony fittings and solid-carved spruce and maple tonewoods which are considered good materials for a quality violin. This cost-efficient violin can already provide you with deep and brilliant tones. This model already includes a bow, case, and other violin accessories upon purchase. 
  3. Crescent Starter – If you’re someone who’s just keen to learn how to play violin, this aesthetically pleasing model should be perfect for you. It’s low cost but of good quality. It’s quite a deal for you’ll be able to have a bow, rosin, case, and tuner alongside the instrument upon purchase. 
  4. Stentor 1401PK Harlequin – This model is known for its attractive colors – from black to pink and purple, it seems like Stentor 1401 was made to engage people to learn how to play the violin. Perfect for kids as it comes in ¾ size, a purchase of this already includes a bow and case. 
  5. Cecilio CVN-300 – Available in 4/4, ¾, ¼ and ½, this Cecilio model already has two (2) bows, rosin, shoulder rest, spare bridge, tuner and lesson book upon purchase. It’s also one of the recommended violins for beginners as it has the above-mentioned inclusions and at the same time, the violin itself is made from quality materials. 
  6. D Z Strad Model 100 – This full and smooth-toned violin can be compared next to high-end violins and yet available at a cost-effective price. It already has rosin, case, and bow upon purchase.

Factors to Consider in Buying a Violin

If you are already decided to buy your first violin, here are some things to take into consideration to help you make a better purchase decision: 

  1. Pricing – A violin of good quality usually starts at $100. However, well-known brands may be higher than the aforementioned pricing. So, it’s ideal to set a budget for yourself to assess the budget you’re willing to set in buying a violin.
  2. Quality – Of course, you should thoroughly check the quality of the instrument you are buying. Refrain from buying low-cost violin as this tends to have a short lifespan and low-quality sound.
  3. Size – As you may know, the violin varies in sizes. For children, it’s ideal to get any of these sizes: ¾, ½, ¼, 1/8, 1/10, 1/16, or 1/32. To check which size is suitable for you, measure the size of your stretched left arm from the base of your neck to the center of your palm.
  4. Brand New or Second Hand – You have two choices in buying your new violin – either a brand-new or a used one. If you are on a budget and quite unsure if you’ll pursue a career in this field, you may opt for a second-hand violin. However, if you have a sufficient budget, do not have second thoughts on buying a quality violin.

Investing in a quality violin might be costly but it can surely last longer than buying low-cost violins. So do your research about different violin brands for beginners and list down the brands you think will suit you and your beginner skills.


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