Trap – I Want Moor

June 26, 2019 0

Long Beach, CA native Trap brings out the revolutionary raps on his new single, “I Want Moor,” as featured on his latest full length effort, Young Basquiat 3: Lost Vibes.


In trying times like these, it’s only right that artists step up to provide the cultural commentary and criticism we all need. That’s exactly what we have here from Trap on “I Want Moor,” which is brimming with cutting lyricism and insights from the rising emcee. He commands the listener’s attention with not just those lyrics but a deliberate and emotional delivery, which is complemented by stirring production from Chicago’s Jerrod Hinton.


Hinton’s beat is steeped in the blues, partially because it samples the legendary Nina Simone but also because of its pacing and feeling. And it all comes together perfectly behind Trap as he spits powerful raps like, “Jay organizing black excellence, I’m like ‘Let’s take it back to the renaissance’/ I’m tryin’ to work on my breathin’, ‘cause Nip said this sh*t was a marathon/ Then they shot him in front of the Marathon, got me in my bag like a carry-on.”


There’s a weight to the Long Beach rapper’s vocals, but there’s also hope. And when you’re facing the worst of it all, hope is all you can ask for, right? Be sure to head over to your preferred digital stream Young Basquiat 3: Lost Vibes through your preferred digital retailer or streaming platform, via Black Good Fellas.

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