Two ways Jake Tanner is helping indie artists make more money!

July 25, 2019 0

These days, part of being an artist — from Top 100 superstars to independent artists, entails committing oneself professionally and promotionally into the business of music. One major component to forwarding your music career is the ability to sell merchandise; i.e., T-shirts with your likeness, logo, or name. Jake Tanner, the Creative Director and CEO of Outstanding Now, wants to help young independent artists take full advantage of their selling power.  According to Jake, many indie artists who are not tied to 360 deals could take advantage of merchandising their own brand. Artists such as Mariahlynn from Love & Hip-Hop and Queens rapper Jennaske are perfect examples of having the branding power to sell their likeness successfully.

Outstanding Now is now one of the fastest-growing companies in the apparel industry. The company designs tour merch for famous musicians, film festivals, universities, and non-profit organizations. As a hip-hop music fan and a young entrepreneur himself, Jake Tanner wants to help burgeoning artists make more money.  Outstanding Now allows artists to sell merchandise via drop shipment. That is a considerable advantage to artists that cannot warehouse boxes of inventory. The second way the company is helping artists is in designing. Rather than slapping on a photo on a t-shirt, Outstanding Now will produce competitive designs that speak to the artist’s brand.
The company is looking to collaborate with more independent artists as a means to promote their services to more indie musicians. As a fan of indie hip-hop myself, may I suggest five upcoming female rappers; Rapper Jennaske from Queen, artists Kiyanne, and Mariahlynn from Love & Hip-Hop, Malibu Miitch from the Bronx and Justina Valentine from Nick Cannon’s Wild N Out. That said, Jake Tanner is ready to support any artist willing to put the work and investment into pursuing their dreams.

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