Sleepy Rose, Skooly, Worl & Hott Lockedn Talk T.R.U Records, Performing at State Farm Arena, New Music & More

November 26, 2019 0

On Wednesday November 20th, the Atlanta Hawks debuted their new 2019-20 Nike City edition jerseys on a special “Peachtree” themed night. During the night, 2 Chainz and his new artist of T.R.U. Records hit the court at halftime and postgame to perform.



Before the game tipped off, Terrell Thomas caught up with the newest members of T.R.U. records Sleepy Rose, Skooly, Worl and Hott Lockedn. We discussed how they all signed with T.R.U. Records, their new music, them performing during halftime of the Milwaukee Bucks vs. Atlanta Hawks game and more.



The interview was shot by Danny Digital. The interview was conducted by Terrell Thomas.

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