Jon Harris – BIG (Lyric Video)

February 15, 2019 0

Jon Harris is a Hip Hop recording artist from New York. He grew up in an upper Westchester County and start making music with no musical background or formal training. Jon spent his high school career, college career and the years to follow learning all aspects of the music industry until he felt he was ready. On December 14, 2018 he released his first official song titled “Big” from Living Life Our Way Entertainment.


“Big” is the first song released from his upcoming debut album, “Who Is Jon Harris” set to release in 2019. The song was made completely by Harris himself. He stated, in total, the song took over 2 years to make; from building the concept to completing the final mix. “I went through a bunch of different options for the song. I knew whatever idea I decided on, the song had to cover a few parts being that it would be the first release and that’s what took so long.” Jon wrote the lyrics, produced the beat, recorded the track and engineered the song himself. The record has a series of horns and a heavy bass which creates an energetic sound. He noted he wanted the song to have a “championship” feel and to be as catchy as possible.


The lyrics of the record serve to introduce himself to the audience. Jon delivers a few themes he felt was important for the listener to know. The main theme is repeated in the chorus to think “Big” and to make the most out of everything that you do. He begins this introduction song literally introducing himself along with his “what’s up” greeting. The opening verse is used to clarify he is not the typical rapper or hip hop star and should not be mistaken as one. Jon was always known for being different and is making a point to relay this message. The second verse focuses more on his train of thought verses the average person who wishes for their dreams to miraculously come true as a oppose to Jon’s way, by trying his hardest to reach his goals even if failure seems more likely.


As an artist Jon has always strived to open the listeners mind to a different way of thinking. This was shown in both of his previous mixtapes, Destiny’s Calling and Destiny’s Calling 2. He said with the album “Who Is Jon Harris” he intends to push the envelope even further and “Big” is a great start as it sets the line for being a wisher and being a doer. In the words of Jon Harris, “the only way to do it is to do it big.”


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