Trey Songz comes back with new R&B single “Circles”

August 15, 2020 0

Trey-Songz-comes-back-with-new-RB-single-Circles Trey Songz comes back with new R&B single "Circles"

Trey Songz’s honoring of Black love.

Not exactly a month since his Black Lives Matter influenced single “Riots 2020: How Many Times,” Trey Songz is back with another hit record!

“Circles” is tied in with working through the high points and low points of a beneficial relationship, instead of rapidly abandoning your loved one at seeing a difficulty.

“If you’re lookin’ for closure, don’t take it closer/No matter how hard we try, we can’t say it’s over,” the singer croons. “We goin’ in circles, Keep goin’ in circles/You know we’re just gon’ do this over and over, over and over.”

The video, coordinated by Maheenla, is a festival of Black relationships. “We centered it around black love and some of the circles we go through in relationships,” Songz explained ahead of the video’s release.

In the visual, three couples of various ages are caught grinning in their joyous moments and contending in their lows. In maybe the most moving part, the couples are halted and helped to remember their affection when they’re pulled over by a cop, a scary life-changing moment for many African American people who have found themselves in a similar situation. Luckily, they are released and able to enjoy each other’s company again.

Upon the arrival of the video, an Instagram client scrutinized the artist, who has been an ultra-active supporter for people of color, about his emphasis on Black love.

“[With Black love] families were torn apart purposely,” Songz responded. “Mother’s raped, men taken from homes. America has always wanted the Black family separated because of the strength we have when we are one. They go so far as to say Black fathers don’t exist and Black love doesn’t exist. So pardon me while I show Black love and not all love.”

Songz proceeded, “The stereotypes, the hardships, the black and women get the bottom of the barrel in America. So when you’re fighting for love and fighting against the worlds obsession with the oppression of your people, there are underlying pains in your relationship that are not in others.”

Songz is purportedly preparing for his eighth studio album, Back Home. Up to that point, look at the video to “Circles” underneath.

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