September 30, 2020 0
Screen-Shot-2020-09-30-at-2.30.48-AM D4M $LOAN RELEASES NEW VISUAL "AVENGER"

Philadelphia, PA native D4M $loan recently shares his new visual “Avenger” which is his first solo visual release he has shared, since his close friend and D4M duo-mate D4M Skiano passed away this summer. The visual is also a tribute to Skiano, directed by Dijawn.

The duo gained a solid audience and brought a new sound to the Philadelphia music scope. With popular features and big streams, D4M was working nonstop to continue to lift their movement off of the concrete.

Screen-Shot-2020-09-30-at-2.30.10-AM D4M $LOAN RELEASES NEW VISUAL "AVENGER"

With the passing of Skiano, $loan is keeping the D4M brand alive with the release of new music and more to come. The tragedy he has experienced has clearly motivated him to follow both him and Skiano’s dream, and execute them fully.

To stream $loan’s new “Avenger” visual and mini tribute to Skiano, press play below:


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