“If He Ends You I Will End HIM” Robert Horry’s Words To His Son Hits Home To All Black Fathers After The Jacob Blake

August 27, 2020 0

Lay there, let them beat you, let them embarrase you, let them harras you, let them dehuminize and emasculate your being, dont question them, dont fight back, dont run… These tactics have yet to change the outcome yet i feel every word spoken in this clip.

Jacob Blake one of the many men who police attempted to assainate after a misunderstanding, where we are told, Blake was desculating a fight between two women. Blake was shot 7 times while entering his car unarmed with his children in the backseat by Milwaukee police.

“If you have to lay on the ground and let them beat you hit you and kick you,…. dont take it upon yourself to let that rage you have against that cop come out, he has the gun and he can end you. If he ends you I will have to end him” Robert Horry contiued later saying he knows its wrong but what other choice do we have?”

I remember watching movies about civil rights movies, and history documentaries of KKK members having thier way with our people with no punishment. Learning and experinecing first hand about the lynchings of black people and burnings of churches, bombings and Klan Raids have yet to rid itself from the American culture. This is America the heaven & hell they preach about is our reality. We see heaven every day during these small moments of peace life hands us. Riding down the streets of Philadelphia or any major city we witness heaven in small glemses. For example kids at the park playing with a few moments of care free happiness, mothers and fathers witnessing their children grow and learn, business in the community, the frivolous conversations amongst the students on their way to class, the elders our grandparents aunts and uncles bringing us together for holidays and local events, seeing a few stand out youth wether in sports, music or academics but still a potential success story awaits on every city block. America has been stepping on our slice of heaven and I truley believe it is time to fight back in a way we may not be fully ready for. Bullies gain confidence when the victom is less likely to strike back, bullies gain confidence when not only can he bully you and get away with it… but other people see it too and remain silent.

Presidents do not make they law they are supposed to uphold the integrity of the law, and never has one president stepped forward to end our hardships. Never has a president organized a march, a ralley, a convention, giveback, fund raiser, stimulus check or any style of reparations that was soley to the benifit of black people, all we get is a scripted speach on the news and some corporate company who “supports the cause” gets cashed out.

Where can we find politicians with morals or when will out morals over throw the way of the politician?


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