Infamous Producer LX Xander of Ghostcraft Music Is Signing New Artists & Producers

September 27, 2020 0
InShot_20200927_231834465 Infamous Producer LX Xander of Ghostcraft Music Is Signing New Artists & Producers

“Everything changes,” LX Xander tells us. “The ability to accept change – in any form – as just change and not something positive or negative, is essential for our happiness. That’s a Buddhist philosophy,” he continues. “You can’t escape change, so we have to accept it. The universe is in flux, always.”

LX speaks with a subtle authority & a quiet energy, in a strange, hybrid UK/US accent. The Britain-born trap expert moved his production company Ghostcraft Music over to Los Angeles in 2019, though he’s currently back in England, waiting out the pandemic. “I’m a change junkie,” he laughs. “I hate when things stay the same for too long. It bores me.”

And Ghostcraft Music has recently seen some very drastic changes, starting with personnel. This team shuffle-around has afforded Xander the opportunity to take a step back & examine the way his company has been operating over the past couple of years. “I got a lot of new ideas,” he smiles. “I’m looking forward to getting my teeth into some new ventures.”

LX’s accomplishments are broad & varied, with credits that include not only hip-hop juggernauts (such as Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg, Future, Rick Ross & more) but also a selection of major entertainment networks (FOX, VICE, VH1, TLC etc.). “Communication is everything,” Xander begins. “There is great nuance to the way you need to engage with people in this industry. A&Rs, managers, artists, producers… they all require a totally different approach. You can’t treat one like you treat the other. They have different needs. They see the industry in different ways. You have to learn to speak lots of languages in this business.”

Having just hired a new assistant (@robb.ghostcraft) to help him handle client inquiries & manage the vast quantities of beats he has on deck (creating packs for artists, etc.) LX’s day to day is looking a little less hectic. “I’m signing, actually!” he beams, brimming with cool enthusiasm. “I’m looking to take on a handful of new producers; beatmakers who are ego-free, open to collaboration & happy to receive guidance. I’m trying to keep these A&R’s inboxes full of fresh material every single week. I got major label guys asking me to send them stuff daily.”

But it’s not just producers LX is looking for right now; “I miss shopping artists,” he sighs. “I do a lot of artist development programs, but honestly, a lot of the people who come to me are nowhere near ready for me to take to a label. I enjoy every step of the development process, but right now I’m looking for artists that I can walk into these major label offices. I’m ACHING to get someone signed. I have my eye on somebody, actually… but we’ll see how it plays out.”

You can find LX Xander on Instagram at @lxxander.thegr8 and his assistant Robb (for business inquiries) at @robb.ghostcraft

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