Senior’s music expresses raw emotion 

August 6, 2020 0

117071513_296761224867479_7589384417271693611_n-500x500 Senior's music expresses raw emotion 

What better way to express true emotion and relate to a worldwide audience than channeling emotion straight from the heart?


For Senior, whose real name is James William Awad, music is love. He believes in a deep connection to one another and to oneself. 


Through his music, Senior wants to relate to people who have been through hardship, and overcome it. 


With an intense life story himself, the artist has learned how to pour his soul and unfiltered feelings into his music. 


Once rejected from a high school performance, Senior learned to shake off rejection early on. This is a part of the reason why he is so successful today. 


Senior has never recorded at a studio. He asked a friend who worked as a mixer for help and recorded his debut single “Alexandra” in his basement. 


As long as the inspiration is there, for Senior the sky’s the limit. 


His music inspires and lets listeners indulge in emotions that they relate to. 


For Senior, music is about love. Through music, love can be expressed in a myriad of ways. 


He has channeled his own emotions, stories, and experiences into his lyrics. Once considered “baggage,” his feelings have made him extremely relatable to fans across the world who are raving about the music that he had made public up to date.


Senior is just getting started and there is no limit in sight for this melodic powerhouse. He is not afraid to put out his feelings in a musical form in a way to connect with the true source of inspiration.


Keep an eye out for both of his songs “Alexandra” and “Trust in me,” both of which will be coming soon. His work will start being released on August 15th. 

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