Detroit Police Car Drives Through Crowd of Black Lives Matter Protesters

June 29, 2020 0



A police car in Detroit was seen driving through a crowd of protesters during a demonstration amid the ongoing Black Lives Matter movement. The scene was caught on video and shared on social media.

The protest began at Patton Park at around 4 p.m. local time Sunday. Some demonstrators, who the Detroit Police Department referred to as “agitators,” jumped onto the hood and roof of the police SUV as the march headed toward Clark Park at around 9:30 p.m. local time, The Detroit News reports.

Dozens of protesters were reported to have surrounded the SUV and a rear back window was “busted out,” according to the Detroit Police Department. “The officer [in the car] tried to escape,” the police noted.

“I got hit by a damn cop car today for walking,” wrote @bscorpiio.

“The #DETROITWILLBREATHE family and myself getting hit by a cop car while trying to protect fellow protesters, @bscorpiio added in another post.

User @marcKlock wrote: “#PoliceBrutality as DPD plows through tons of protestors, roughly 3-5 injured includings leaders from @DETWILLBREATHE Please spread this far and wide!”

In another video of the incident shared by @SydJones6, one person was heard saying “They’re [police] trying to run ’em over.”

User @SydJones6 wrote: “DETROIT POLICE RUNNING OVER PEACEFUL PROTESTERS. RT to show awareness.



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