Michigan’s Own YoungKing YoungScoop

May 3, 2021 0

IMG_3719 Michigan's Own YoungKing YoungScoop

Michigan’s own bred mega star YoungKing YoungScoop exploded on the scene in 2020 after releasing two successful mixtapes and his single “Rake it Up”. After becoming the first “Budweiser Music Champion” and collabing with the Detroit Pistons in 2020; Scoop continues to prove he’s here to stay with another top 100 potential Single. This time featuring Billboard Top 20 Charting artist 24hrs. “Yellow” ft 24hrs is set to release sometime in May. Snippets of this song are floating around on Instagram and fans are already raving about what Detroit’s newest star has in store.  Stay on the lookout for YoungKing YoungScoop.



YoungKing YoungScoop Rake it Up On YouTube!

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