Eren Legend Is A World Champion Athlete Turned Entrepreneur Expanding Across The Globe

December 10, 2021 0

There is no doubt that Eren Legend is a legend. Not only has Eren conquered the world of bodybuilding and athleticism, he is also outstanding in several other fields as well. He first made a name for himself by becoming a world champion athlete, but has gone on to do acting, modeling, and fashion as well. These days, he spends most of his time on training celebrities, modeling, and working on his clothing line, Legend Fitted Apparel. With all this under his belt, there’s no telling what Eren Legend has in store in the future. Make sure you stay up to date with Eren Legend by following him on social media, and get to know him as well in the interview below.

We’ve seen plenty of celebrities and artists in your clothing. How does it feel for it to be catching on to the masses and some of your peers?

Celebrities have plenty of influence and are always praised for wearing Legend Fitted Apparel! It truly has a way of drawing a lot of positive attention!

Eren Legend knew from the beginning that Celebrities and Artists would fall in love with the brand!

They immediately understood how empowering seeing the word “legend” would be and how much it would pique the interest of the masses!

Being a world champion athlete must be tough on your schedule and body. Talk to us about how you even begin to do so much from fashion, athletics, modeling, acting, training and so much more. Where do you find the time?

Eren follows a very strict schedule and even has over 4 to-do lists to ensure that he is meeting all the demands of his passions and interests!

Eren promised himself only to commit his time to his passions!

This has allowed him to no longer feel as though he is working, he is simply doing what he loves!

This includes training celebrities and even getting involved in acting projects!

Without structure, Eren has stated that he oftentimes gets overwhelmed with all the demands to be in multiple places at once fulfilling multiple crafts!

But with the discipline he learned through mastering his body, he has since applied this work ethic to all avenues of his interests.

Add acting to your belt as you’ve appeared in commercials and more. Is that something that came natural for you? Do you plan on doing any films/movies?

Eren has always been interested in the art of storytelling that acting brings!

Although acting was his very first passion he does admit that he has not even scratched the surface of what he would like to achieve in the world of acting!

With a bit more structure in his life, he is looking to really take his acting to the next level and will be pursuing his acting efforts in Los Angeles into the acting industry!

Having a global influence, you tend to have a lot of business in the United States. What is it like working and operating out of Los Angeles? Do you enjoy it?

Although having a global influence is truly great, Eren loves training his clients in person! What makes Eren so successful is that he takes the time to understand the psychology behind his client’s goals!

This separates him from other Celebrity Trainers as he truly believes in establishing a deeper relationship with his client is the best way to hold them accountable as a reminder of their goals.

Eren is looking to offer more affordable Online Training services to his International clients in the coming months!

Is Canada and the United States similar? If not, talk to us about the differences, way of life or opportunities.

Canada offers a lot of really amazing opportunities! For me, I am grateful that I was born in Canada! I have truly been able to find my path and purpose in Canada.

I believe anyone can find their way to success here! The USA has a larger population, and although there are far more opportunities here, the competition is very fierce!

It all comes down to what your objectives and goals are! You can live in the USA and fulfill all your dreams without having to chase the dream of being a celebrity!

My personal objectives here are not to pursue fame but rather to use the growing stage of exposure in the United States as a platform to get my message out to the masses in hopes of inspiring them to chase their dreams!

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