A List of Upcoming Female Rappers You Should Know

September 21, 2021 0

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Female rap has taken over the airwaves in these last few years, branching off city to city, country to country, and overall making a statement worldwide. With pioneers like Roxanne Shanté, Queen Latifah, Lauryn Hill, Lil Kim, MC Lyte, Missy Elliot and a bunch more — the female rap era is back at an all-time demand.

For a while, the lane of Women MC’s definitely slowed down. Which is when circa 2007-2008, Nicki Minaj came into the picture and dominated the new-school lane. Her re-spark of the high demand for female rappers definitely had a large influence in the coming generation to pop out, and boy have we got some superstars! Hip-hop has been blessed with the likes of Megan Thee Stallion, Cardi B, City Girls, Tierra Whack, Rico Nasty, Asian Doll, and so many more very talented household names! But let us show you what streets are cheering for in a handful of cities, and shed the spotlight on some grinding, forthcoming Women MC’s (in no specific order).

New York City

1. Connie Diiamond

2. Billy B

3. Lola Brooke

4. Young Devyn


K Goddess


1. Rocky (FakeBitchesHero)

2. BBM China

3. Chainz


4. Lena L.

5. 100ProofYannie


1. Jucee Froot

2. Ace Queezy

3. Cookie

4. The Savagez

5. Big Kash



2. Hood Brat

3. Skodi

4. J’La Anderson

5. Kitty OG


1. Detroit Che

2. Big Cezze

3. KSharl

4. Rocky Badd

5. Kimadatway


1.  Enchanting

2. BbyAfricka

3. Kali

4. Mercury

5. A’Justice 


1. OMB Bloodbath

2. Monaleo

3. Ken The Man

4. That Girl Lay Lay

5. Lyric


1. Treety

2. CeeFineAss

3. 504IcyGirl

4. Deja Vu 504

5. Sleazy EZ


1. CupcaKKe

2. Queen Key

3. Jean Deaux

4. Glizzy Glow

5. Carla G.

LA/Bay Area

1. Stunna Girl


3.  Cam & China

4. Reverie

5. Ally Cocaine

Female rap has made its way to the top, and is dominating the airwaves forever more. All of the women listed above are next up on your playlist. Let us know who you’ve added, so far.





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