DJ Deleon Talks About Being A Solo Artist, “It’s Exciting & Scary At Times”

December 3, 2021 0

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It takes just one decision to change your life. That decision can be anything that requires you to step out of your comfort zone to attain your goals. Artist Reuben Deleon is one such musician who decided to step out of his comfort circle and share his music with the public. Little did he know his songs would be appreciated, and he will get the title of ‘DJ Deleon’.

Reuben, also known as RBN, resides in the US and has always been passionate about music. He owes all the success to himself and his parents, who were always quite supportive. For Reuben, music has been his constant companion, and he grew up listening to many iconic artists from every part of the world.

DJ Deleon was inspired by the journey of many artists like Michael Jackson, Bob Dylan, and many others. Their journey, music and success made Reuben believe that he too can make his dreams come true. But the artist was also aware that being an independent artist will take a lot of time to achieve popularity and have more people listen to his tracks.

RBN kept working hard and released his songs on Instagram, YouTube and also Spotify. The artist’s Spotify Channel is ‘DJ Deleon’, where one can listen to his exciting track covers Counting Stars, Lean On, Roar and others. This is just the beginning for Reuben Deleon, who aims to reach the stars and share as many songs as he can in the coming months.

When asked what it means to be a solo artist in such a vast world of the music industry, DJ Deleon shares, “Well, it’s a bit scary but also quite exciting. I am the decision maker of my career and how I want to function. If something is a hit, I get to celebrate myself and my confidence grows. If someone doesn’t work out, I can only blame myself and improve the errors. So being a solo artist is all about putting in all your efforts, never stopping and always learning. I would love to collab with some top music artists of today’s time someday. But until then, I will make my career flourish even more.”

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