Gucci Gam & Mr N2S Grab Health and Fitness by the Horns

March 4, 2021 0
unnamed-15-1 Gucci Gam & Mr N2S Grab Health and Fitness by the Horns

Production guru Gucci Gam based out of Connecticut and Fitness professional  Mr N2S  from New Jersey, plan to improve lives and capture the hearts of millions worldwide with a new fitness reality show titled “Loving My Reflection.”

Both of these men have been working on this production for about a year. Mr N2S  met Gucci Gam years ago and they did good business so the smartest move was to bring Mr N2S creative idea to someone with experience, like Gucci Gam, who can easily bring it to life. The concept is bringing more attention to a woman’s self-love through fitness. Gambino states they are starting from the ground up with everyday women.

Gucci Gam has co managed Safaree and now manages Rich Dollaz, Rahndrx, and a few others. Gucci Gam has appeared on Love and Hip Hop and executive produces the long-lasting franchise. Mr N2S  is a celebrity trainer who went to school for health and fitness. 

Mr N2S   has trained Instagram influencers such as Chinese Kitty, Fat Boy and Sofia the Body. Some of the biggest challenges faced in this realm of business is knowing and understanding the world’s view of the ideal image and stereotypical opinions of fat and skinny. Most of the clients are struggling with their own personal insecurities no matter the size. Mr N2S  has a passion for wanting women to be understood and has yearned for a platform that shines light on that aspect. 

Right now, “Loving My Reflection” is being shopped around to networks but there have been many interested in taking this project to the next level. Gucci Gam has three other shows he is working on as well as apps he is developing. Mr N2S  is focusing on becoming the biggest trainer in the world and elevating his clientele, touching as many lives as possible. 

Mr N2S  has an audiobook for daily motivation titled” Nothing to Something” and a gourmet healthy cookbook titled “Thank Me Later”.

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