Hip Hop Artist Feenyx Is Ready To Level Up After Dropping “Boss Up”

October 12, 2021 0

2434F8ED-6296-4B84-9CD9-EE6FCD592DF7-500x500 Hip Hop Artist Feenyx Is Ready To Level Up After Dropping “Boss Up”

Rising Atlanta, Georgia-based musician Feenyx is taking his career to new heights and attempting to make his imprint in the music industry history books. Feenyx has been doing things related to music since he was seven years old, but his lack of confidence prevented him from pursuing it in the early stages of his life. Despite his lack of confidence at the start, he kept constant in his creation and has now gained the confidence in himself and his skills to carry his career as far as he can imagine.


Feenyx just released a slew of new songs, including “Boss Up,” indicating that his confidence is at an all-time high. Feenyx makes it clear that he no longer cares about other people’s opinions as he raps about how his time to shine in the music industry is approaching and how others are jealous of his development. He is entirely focused on himself and his trade, and he will not allow the noise to keep him from going where he wants to go.


Boss Up” is the ideal tune for Feenyx to progress from and start his career rolling in the right direction. He’s perfected his delivery and is now waiting for his big break to arrive so he can take advantage of it. Keep up with the budding star because it’s only a matter of time until he gets his big break and becomes a hot star in the industry today.


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