IM 2MRW comes from the future

April 7, 2021 0

IMG_5144 IM 2MRW comes from the future

“I have always been ahead of what’s current.” The inspiration behind the music always comes back to love and the struggles and triumphs of life. The inspiration behind “All I Know” is about the struggle of real love. Is it true emotion or are there motives? 
Originally from Los Angeles, but moved to San Francisco to attend art school where IM 2MRW began to develop his creative talents. 

His songs range from the tales of breaking through in the entertainment industry to the heartbreaks that took place with love based on the wrong things such as lust and money.  The songs act as therapy of such emotions which also act as insight to listeners as to what comes with choosing a “fast life” destination.  

His nostalgic track “All I Know,” pays homage to the days when “Jay-Z and T-Pain” reigned on the charts with a love song way before social media was circulating in everyday life.  He just wants to find the love he’s always been looking for.

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