Jazz Cartier shares new album The Fleur Print and video for “Rock The Boat” featuring KYLE

September 10, 2021 0

unnamed-2-3 Jazz Cartier shares new album The Fleur Print and video for "Rock The Boat" featuring KYLE

Jazz Cartier made a splash following the 2015 release of his breakout single, “Dead Or Alive.” The single surpassed 100 million streams and transcended the boundaries of his Toronto hometown. It wasn’t long before Jazz had built a loyal following and embarked on national tours with Post MaloneJID, and Saint JHN, as well as festival performances at Rolling LoudLollapaloozaFestival d’ete de QuebecOsheaga, and more. In this time, he also created two critically acclaimed mixtapes, 2015’s Marauding in Paradise and 2016’s Hotel Paranoia, the latter of which won him Canada’s acclaimed Juno Award. The releases firmly cemented Cartier’s legacy in Toronto’s cultural psyche, helping him amass millions of streams and views leading into his Universal Music-backed debut album, Fleurever in 2018.

Having earned his place alongside the ranks of The 6’s buzziest musicians, Jazz Cartier has spent the last few years focusing his energy inward. After a disillusioning major label experience, Jazz parted ways with his label and began what would become a three-year hiatus from his music career. With the loss of numerous friends and family members in this time, including his grandmother and his close friend and fellow rapper, Chynna, Jazz spent much of his time reflecting and focusing on himself—embracing not only loss, but growth as well.

In 2020, Jazz Cartier made the move from Toronto to Los Angeles where he found a renewed sense of purpose and inspiration as well as new friends and the motivation to continue on his musical journey. In the fall of 2020, Jazz reinvigorated his fanbase with the release of two new tracks, “Basement” in October followed by “Disclosure” two months later in December. In March of 2021, Jazz teamed up with peers Buddy and Kent Jamz to form an underground chess club in Buddy’s garage that has since grown to include SminoKYLETinasheD Smoke, and others. Now the basis of an upcoming show produced by Diddy, Jazz says, “It became a thing where dudes pass the time playing chess, bumping beats, and freestyling while we play to take our minds off of what was going on in the world.”

Jazz Cartier then released three more singles including, “Nothing 2 Me” featuring Cousin Stizz“Two of Em” featuring Buddy, and “Rock The Boat” featuring KYLE. With his sophomore album, The Fleur Print being released, as well as an upcoming skincare line and celebrity chess show, Jazz Cartier is taking his newfound independence by the reins. After three years of introspection, growth, and sonic experimentation, Jazz Cartier is excited to show his evolution and prove he’s much more than “Toronto’s first Post-Drake rapper.”


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