Ms. Media Interviews The King of Scam Rap: RichFam Nate!

January 21, 2021 0

Ms. Media interviews The King of Scam Rap: Richfam Nate Celeste Moze’e aka Ms. Media interviewed Richfam Nate this past weekend at Ms. Media studios in Charlotte, North Carolina and this definitely have many fans excited. With a story like Richfam Nate’s and a dedicated, crafty and intelligent interviewer/ media personnel like Celeste Moze’e it is safe to say that this interview is a great one. Richfam Nate rose to stardom immediately following a prison sentence of 3 years with an additional 6 months on house arrest. Richfam Nate has done features with major artists such as Don Q, Fetty Luciano, Mr. swipey and many more, has graced the cover of Magazines, been played on radio stations all across the country and has been on billboards in major cities across America. Richfam Nate has also gotten endorsed by big name industry figures such as yandy smith, Dj envy, Trina and many more. Ms. Media had an excellent track record of her own as well. Celeste Moze’e majored in broadcast journalism with a minor in English. 

She was Miss Motor City 2005 in the Miss Michigan USA Pageant. She then went on to publish her first book, a book of collected poems called Naked. In 2019 MsMedia hosted Charlotte’s largest award ceremony, the Queen City awards where she interviewed that years producer of the year, Producer20. After moving on from Co-Hosting she continued her relationship with TheOnChannel by hosting her own talk show “Monday’s With MsMedia” which is gaining attention fast. Her interview track record on her show includes President of Da Baby’s label “Billion Dollar Baby entertainment “ Kinsza Virgil, also now Richfam Nate of Richfam Entertainment and many more major artists to come. After multiple posts of her page @alzada_celeste_mozee that she would be interviewing @Richfam_Nate many media outlets began to take heed.

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