Ritchelli Rodriguez Shares His Journey to Success In Music

November 25, 2021 0

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From a young age, music was something that Ritchelli Rodriguez wanted to do. Growing up as an only child led him to find companionship and solace in music as it would help provide him with the words to describe how he felt while keeping him enthralled. He showed great interest and often spent most of his free time listening to music on the radio. Ritchelli would dance and sing along to the various songs while mimicking his then-favorite artist, Bruno Mars.

Throughout high school, Ritchelli was an active singer and took part in almost every music competition. He was extremely passionate about singing and was already writing down his own songs. His friends also saw his innate talent and often encouraged him to hit the studio. However, with no clear path to follow, Ritchelli held back until he completed high school.  

It was after high school that Ritchelli decided to introduce the world to his innate musical talent. He worked his way to the studio, recording a couple of his earlier written songs, which blew everyone close to him away. He was so good an artist for his age that he had the potential to outclass some of the big names in the industry. His music writing skills were also above average, showing great potential to improve and even be better.

A dedicated artist, Ritchelli invested lots of hours working on his music to overcome the many barriers that were in his way. This included keeping his creativity at the top by sharpening his skills and learning from some of the best. He knew he needed to constantly work harder to outperform the other up-and-coming artists.

However, the path was not as smooth as he would have expected. Raising enough money to fund his music was one of his biggest challenges. He had to constantly source it by himself as his parents could barely afford to make ends meet. But with determination and resilience, Ritchelli has been able to put music out there consistently. Some of his friends have shown him exceptional support, believing in him and his craft.

Ritchelli’s other significant challenge was finding a producer who understood his musical style. According to the singer, some of the producers he interacted with early on were still tied to traditional music, limiting his freedom of creativity. He also wanted to work with a producer who understood his style and could help him deliver it in the best way possible.

Having found his feet, Ritchelli is now working to dominate the mainstream music scene. He shares a dream to be one of the top artists in the country, which he is firmly certain to realize. He promises his fans more amazing music is coming their way, including a debut album. He wants to develop something unique and captivating that will go down in history as one of the greatest albums ever.

Ritchelli believes that everyone has the potential to become whoever they want. He points out that the secret lies in identifying what you want to pursue and then formulating a plan to get you there. To him, you have to be hard-working, dedicated, and resilient if you truly want to scale in any field.  

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