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February 16, 2021 0
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Philadelphia is a city full of talent and one artist/producer and CEO of Saivio LLC is clearly ahead of his time who goes by the name Draco proud. Drako Proud was born to the name Savio Grove-Butler currently a 26-year-old entrepreneur and music artist that’s on the rise in 2021. More recently known for his appearance on 21 hour and later gaining recognition from creating instrumental mastering and engineer workmanship in the studio with many local Philadelphia names such as J Spaz, Lil MOPTOP and more. He has been building a large portfolio and reputation for his entrepreneurship and being a jack of all trades juggling from one career to another.

Some of his works and accomplishments include engineering Medusa from J Spaz featuring Lil MOP Top and single-handedly taking credibility for featuring engineer mixing and mastering his own musical project the super hit instrumental album, Titled #Immortal

This has all been leading up to his recent works. Currently as seen in 21FMJ news articles, Drako made a promise to drop every month of 2021 and has held up to that promise so far dropping “Immortal”.

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Saivio aka DRAKO PROUD is one of the top undiscovered leading entrepreneurs of the 21st-century showcasing a wide range of talent, from engineering, producing hit records, to being a prolific musician. Follow Saivio aka Drako Proud on his official Instagram account at drakoproud.

Check out his latest works Immortal on digital streaming platforms such as Apple Music, I tunes, and more.

Stream his latest music here on SoundCloud

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